I highly recommend John Arnold as an attorney! I utilized his services following a car accident involving several drivers. He was fast, efficient, and very professional. The case was resolved in a very quick period of time! I've also used John Arnold as a legal advisor for a variety of situations, and I share his information within my own personal network.

Gerson C.


John is quite remarkable. He comes to us. We've had 2 accidents, neither our fault. He helps, he keeps us safe from making dumb mistakes. If it wasn't for his assistance we'd be in a bad spot financially and emotionally. A surgery, a bit of therapy, and with 2 very simple settlements, we're back to whole again. I could write a novel about how I despise slimy attorneys, John would NOT be in that book. John is the salt of the earth, and I'm blessed we hired him, Thanks John

Matt B.


I was hit by a car and suffered a leg injury. I brought my case to a lawyer named Eric Schmidt and about a month into my case he dropped me as a client. At that time I had used his partnered health service providers and racked up thousands of dollars in medical debts and liens.

After Eric left me in debt with no recourse, I visited a few more lawyers and they all denied my case because it was not a "slam dunk" or in other words they were lazy and they did not care about me - just the easy money. THEN I FOUND JOHN C. ARNOLD!!! We met at a local coffee shop near the place I got hit by the car. John examined my paper work and the scene of the incident just like a detective in the movies. He looked at every angle, where the lights were positioned, where the driver was positioned, took photos, we even saw a skateboarder riding down the same sidewalk and John paid him $5 to reenact the scene of me skateboarding so he could see what the view looked like from the drivers side. John was very thorough to say the least.

Afterwards he said he would help me and we made an agreement. We met about every other week thereafter and he was ALWAYS responsive. He gave me homework to do like collecting medical bills and such. I followed his directions just like he said and months later, we were at the bank and I was walking out the double doors with way more money than I ever thought I would get from the injury. All my medical bills paid off too by the insurance company.

I am happy to of met John. He is a wonderful, kind hearted man who did so much justice for me.


Whoever you are reading this right now... I highly recommend you talk to John first before anyone else. He's no bullshit like most lawyers around town. He will help you. John will make things right for you just as he did for me.

John, Thank you again for everything. This review is the least I could do to show you my appreciation for what you did for me. I will see you again soon :) Take care my friend!

Thank you

Micah F.


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