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I drive to meet you. If you have a concussion, medical studies show you should limit driving because a second crash could cause much more serious injuries to damaged tissues.  With many other injuries, driving worsens the injuries and the pain and suffering.  You can be very nervous driving anywhere, so it is better for me to drive to you.


I love the work.  Call me and let’s start immediately to win your case. No attorney fee unless we receive money settlement or award.


*47 years experience in personal injury cases in Tempe, Arizona. Many types of injury cases. Settlements, trials, arbitrations.


*All work done personally by me, the attorney.  No paralegals. Your case deserves my excellent attorney help. Directly contact me, your attorney.


*I have an advanced education and intense interest in neuroscience and the law. Advanced Law Degree from ASU Law School in Science & Law focusing on Neurological issues and law. I study the latest neuroscience research. I explain your injuries and symptoms to you using medical texts and the latest medical research literature.


*I work days, evenings, and weekends and holidays so your appointments will not interfere with your work or the rest of your life. You can call me day or night. Excellent communication means excellent results.


*I work very hard to understand the story of your case and your life. The better I understand you, the better I can present your case, and how the injuries have hurt your life—this makes the highest insurance claim.


*I finish everything as soon as possible so I can immediately work on your case, and give your case all of the study, legal research, review of medical records and medical literature, and other legal work to prepare the case.


*It is the time that I spend on your case that matters. An attorney’s experience and education are only helpful to you when the attorney puts in the time on your case preparation directly.  (Other attorneys spend just a few minutes reviewing paralegal’s work causing the insurance company to settle for much less.)


Call day, evenings, night, weekends, holidays

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